5 Health Benefits of Sea buckthorn Juice

5 Health Benefits of Sea buckthorn Juice


Sea buckthorn is a wild berry found in the wild shrubs of Himalayas. Found in the mighty Himalayas, sea buckthorn is a must-have for your body. It will be intriguing to know how the sea buckthorn berries are utilised in juices. There are many health benefits of sea buckthorn juice. They have to be plucked overnight from the wild shrubs in the Himalayas and frozen naturally. Only after this, they can be utilised in a cold pressed juice and benefitted from.

A wonder Berry, Sea Buckthorn will pump in great energy in your body and make you fresh, fit and fab! Let’s have a look at benefits of sea buckthorn juice.

 Here are top 5 benefits of sea buckthorn juice:

  1. Powerhouse of Vitamins

Sea Buckthorn berries from the Himalayas, are a powerhouse of vitamins. It is considered that limes and lemons contain a high content of Vitamin C but one sea buckthorn berry contains three times the amount of Vitamin C than a lemon! As you know our body needs vitamin C to form skin, tendons and ligaments. Make your wear and tear system strong as ever, only with Sea Buckthorn Juice.

  1. Essential Fatty Acids

Did you know that a human body needs a considerable amount of fatty acids every day? Sea Buckthorn Juice will provide your body with Omega 3, 6 & 9 and what’s more, a rare Omega 7 Fatty acid is a speciality of this juice. Fatty acids keep a check on the circulatory and respiratory system. If you want your brain and immune system to run smoothly then a bottle of sea buckthorn extract blended with any fruit juice is advisable.

  1. Stay happy and excited

Sugar levels in your body pump in energy and zest. To stimulate and juice up your brain activities it is essential to consume 100% natural fruit juice! In a 100 ml sea buckthorn juice, 3-6 ml Fructose and glucose, the essential sugars are present. Tend to your sweet tooth right here!

  1. Bid farewell to diseases

Your body needs supplements in the form of minerals every day, to boost your immunity. If a healthy, self-healing and sturdy body is what you desire then this real and nutritious Juice is what you should consume without fail. Potassium, manganese and copper are the minerals it contains plenty which you can (read should) include in your everyday diet!

  1. Tasty, yummy and fruity

You will be surprised with how tangy sea buckthorn tastes. Have it with natural apple or any other fruit juice and relish! It is totally in contrast with the usual nutritious and natural products. Don’t miss it for the world!

If you wish to enjoy all the above benefits of sea buckthorn juice then try Marula’s Sea Buckthorn Berries and Apple Juice Blend. It’s got all the nutrition value and an awesome tangy taste. Make your mornings better, and your body stronger with Seabuckthorn juice! If you want to read more about sea buckthorn have a look at this article by Livestrong.

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